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Friday, 26 August


Dailypooper is Up For Sale!

Unfortunately due to lack of resources we are selling our endeavour Interested parties can contact Via personal email.

Unhealthy Lifestyle: Optimize Your Health Now

A "Broken Lifestyle" is at the root of all modern illness. A daily health practice can keep the body and mind performing well throughout life, and may extend your lifespan.

World Before and After Radicalization/War

They say pictures speaks more than a thousand words. Today have a look at the before and after images of countries after they suffers religious Radicalization OR torment of full fledged war...

Concept Art That Was Better Than the Movie

Most of the time, especially in the last 15 years or so, comic book adaptations fulfill our wildest dreams! We get to see characters we've known since we were kids, whose exploits we've grown up reading, come to life before our very eyes..

40+ Awesome Blog Topics Ideas

Well Google say that "Content is the King" for your blog to get higher ranking on Google search. So you ever get a Mental Block about choosing the right topics for your audience ? As a matter of fact we all do at some point of time, sooner or later...

Top 10 War Movies (Hollywood)

Every year, there is a bunch of new blockbuster movies that earn huge applauses at cinemas and theaters as they are released that the audiences undoubtedly enjoy. But what makes a war movie great? It must have suspense, it..

This is How AK-47s Get to Paris #parisAttack

France bans most guns. So where did the Paris attackers get their assault weapons from? Late Friday night in Paris, multiple gunmen opened fire on diners and concert-goers as part of what appears to have been a coordinated, city-wide terror attack that also included..

Cricket All-Stars bid to bring the sport to America

David Beckham came here and soccer started to grow – we're trying to do something similar with cricket', says Shane Warne, who along with Sachin Tendulkar is trying to crack America ..

This is How War Looks Like - Russian Drone Footage!

Russia drone footage shows devastated Damascus suburb of Jobar is Published by Russian drone has provided a rare glimpse into the massive scale of destruction after four and a half years of civil war.

Last 10 years of Mass Shooting in U.S - History & Facts!

Gun control debates again sparked up after a deadly shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. where Nine people were killed and at least 9 were injured. Mass Shooting, as defined by The Stanford MSA database ..
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Spring Edges Messaging Plugins see

(Its New)
Spring Edge, a leading Business communications platform, has launched SMS Gateway Plug-in Services for E-commerce and other major ...

5 Steps To Turn Your Business Aroun

(Vikash Singh)
I often relate this process to riding a roller coaster for the first time. You are waiting in line, anxious, nervous and curious a...

Green Tea Nearly Kills Man

(Russell Smith)
Australian Matthew Whitby was given just two weeks to live and needed an emergency liver transplant after taking a popular protein...

Enter the Optical Illusion Graffiti

(Chris White)
When you stare into any of the abysses created by German graffitist 1010, the abysses stare back at you—or at least they appear to...

US Navy Arctic UFO Photos Leaked

(Russell Smith)
Photos of an alien encounter between the US Navy and a UFO have been leaked online showing in great detail the moment the huge cra...

Obama On Medium

(Eva .S)
Why I’m Betting on You to Help Shape the New American Economy!!! You’re part of the first generation to grow up in the digital...
upvote 111

Artists Pay Tribute 2 Robin William

(Eva .S)
When the news of everybody\'s favorite Oscar-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams death was broadcasted, many found unique...
upvote 99

Countries are at War now and why!

(Chris White)
War is defined in laymen terms as the organized conflict between two groups of people. War brings out the cruel nature of man...
upvote 77

How the Internet of Things Changes

(Alok kumar)
As the Internet of Things (IoT) spreads, the implications for business model innovation are huge
upvote 57

Circa - News App iOS

(John soderberg)
The best way to read news on your phone. Get the facts and save time. Rather than trying to shoehorn existing content into a new...
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