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Prezentt- make presentations better

Prezentt started life as the brainchild of Jeff Robson. As founder of another business, Access Analytic, he was experiencing the exact problem that we set out to solve - running presentations and seminars, and being frustrated with the process of sharing the presentation content, and deriving business value (as a speaker) from the seminar.

Originally focussing on the problem of how to share contact information in a better way, discussions with Justin Davies led to an early pivot which changed the focus to the seminar presentation problem - how to make presentations better - and more specifically the interaction between a prezentter and their audience. Market validation indicated that this was a better problem to solve, and following sketching on a lean canvas plus a bunch of pencil drawn wireframes, a minimum viable product version was developed.

Prezentt is available for you now. Our vision is that presenters, keynote speakers, academics, corporate trainers, conference organizers - and sales people manning booths at exhibitions and conferences - throughout the world will be able to substantially increase engagement and action as a result of their presentations.
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