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Tuesday, 22 January
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Collection of Most Unique Tattoo Designs from Instagram - PhotoEssay

Tattooing has been used for centuries in many civilizations and spread throughout the globe. Today we give you a Collection of Most Unique Tattoos from Instagram.

Greatest Female Vocalists of the Past 10 Years

The greatest female vocalists of the 2000s from all over the globe duke it out to see who has the best voice. While every artist on the list has had a great deal of success and many of whom very popular, these international vocalists were..

Top 10 Predictions for Next 50 Years by Futurists

Over the centuries, futurists have been predicting events that occur far beyond their time. Nostradamus and Edgar Casey are two men who predicted many of the events the world experienced well beyond their time on Earth. Today, there are futurists who combine..

Top 10 Accidental Scientific Discoveries that Changed the Way We Live

They say Necessity is Mother of all Inventions, But not all scientific discoveries are planned. In fact, many of them were quite accidental in nature where scientists or researchers were looking to find a solution to one problem only to discover that what they..

25 Special Forces Uniforms from Around the World

Special forces and special operations forces are military units trained to conduct special operations. Special forces emerged in the early 20th century, with a significant growth in the field during the Second World War...

Mass Hysteria of Killer Clowns is Spreading in US and Beyond

These "Killer Clowns" are everywhere from Social Media, Click hungry news outlets to lips of fear-mongering city officials in U.S and Beyond. Since Late August Killer Clowns have been spotted all across U.s and now in some parts of North Canada..

Turkey's Favorite Cat Immortalized with Bronze Statue

No its not a picture of a Random CAT we posted here as a Clickbait, in hopes of getting Viral, But infect the story do begins when Images of Tombili the Cat - in super chilled position has shared all over the Internet...

RK Laxman: Cartoonist Who Intrigued Millions for More then 5 Decades

RK Laxman: Cartoonist Who Intrigued Millions with his Cartoon Character 'Common Man' for more then five Decades! Although their are many famous Indian Cartoonists like K.Shankar Pillai, Abu Abraham, O.V.Vijayan who captured the Imagination of Indians, the One name which stood out..

Besides Taj Mahal, 10 Must visit Places in India before you Die!

From Kashmir valley to Kanyakumari, India offers 100's of places known for architecture, climate, Scenery, Culture and Historical importance. Reading of books only provides man with half knowledge, while Traveling gives Experiences and widen..

Japanese Man lost in Pronunciation, Can't Say Massachusetts

This Japanese man cant seems to Pronounce ""Massachusetts"" no matter how hard he can try. The Man in Video is non other then Jimmy Onish, a Japanese painter and popular comedian. Every time he try to Pronounce...
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Sports Betting Tutorial For Cricket

(Cricketbetting Tips)
You need to spend some to get some more cash. This is the means by which it works with betting, especially, sports betting. You ne...

Nokia 3310 With Month-Long Battery

(Eva .S)
Along expected lines, the Nokia 3310 reboot was launched on Sunday at the Nokia MWC 2017 event in Barcelona, complete with a colou...

Pixel phone is exactly what we want

(Eva .S)
Thereís a curious dynamic in human psychology whereby as things improve, we sometimes complain about them even more. Respected int...

Iphone 7 - All you need to know

(John soderberg)
Say hello to the iPhone 7 - Apple's latest flagship smartphone, with upgraded cameras, water resistance, stereo speakers and a lon...

Bizarre perfume ad by Spike Jonze

(Jedi Master)
Wow! Directed by Spike Jonze, this high-energy KENZO World ad, or "short film" as they're calling it, is the best perfume commerci...

Obama On Medium

(Eva .S)
Why Iím Betting on You to Help Shape the New American Economy!!! Youíre part of the first generation to grow up in the digital...
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Artists Pay Tribute 2 Robin William

(Eva .S)
When the news of everybody\'s favorite Oscar-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams death was broadcasted, many found unique...
upvote 99

Countries are at War now and why!

(Chris White)
War is defined in laymen terms as the organized conflict between two groups of people. War brings out the cruel nature of man...
upvote 77

Nokia 3310 With Month-Long Battery

(Eva .S)
Along expected lines, the Nokia 3310 reboot was launched on Sunday at the Nokia MWC 2017 event in Barcelona, complete with a...
upvote 66

How the Internet of Things Changes

(Alok kumar)
As the Internet of Things (IoT) spreads, the implications for business model innovation are huge
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