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Japanese Man lost in Pronunciation, Can't Say Massachusetts


Hilarious pronunciation of Massachusetts

This Japanese man cant seems to Pronounce ""Massachusetts"" no matter how hard he can try. The Man in Video is non other then Jimmy Onish, a Japanese painter and popular comedian. Every time he try to Pronounce Massachusetts Laughter ensues, seems like he gonna Lost in pronunciation Forever. The Video clip is from Gaki No Tsukai Show.

Some Comments from YouTube Thread:

""massa..te..chu chuu hahahhahaha i love it. i've watched this video about 30 times and i still cant stop laughing when jimmy onishi is talking💖💖💖💖😙"" ~Lulle Loca

""if i was in that show, i wouldn't be able to keep a straight face for a second lmao!!!"" ~Sergio Bustamante

""In the first second of this video I see some classic "vomiting" shit with Jimmy Onishi. Where I can watch absolutely uncut version of this? This is the funniest shit."" ~Dr. Avraham Rozenzweig

""I laughed so hard I cried. Is it really that funny? Or have I just been looking at some bad quality memes lately?"" ~JazzyWizzleFizzle

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