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Some Clueless DIY'ers Destroyed their iPhone 7 after Watching Spoof


They Say you can buy lot of things with money but not brains, Which is exactly what happened here. Some Clueless or i must say brainless iPhone 7 owners end up destroying their brand new iPhone 7 after watching a Spoof Video about DIY Hack To Get Headphone Jack on the iPhone 7 on YouTube.

Video has already got 8 Million views and claims that the video is for those who don't want to get $159 wireless airpods or have to insert your headphones into an adapter every time you listen to music.

The Somewhat funny tutorial instructs iPhone users to clamp their precious new mobiles in place before creating their own Headphone jack with a 3.5mm drill.

Some Of the Hilarious Comment from YouTube Thread:

"""the amount of people that thought that this is real is worrying for the future of the human race.""" ~ michael wilson

"""People who are complaining that it's not working are dumbfucks. check out 0:34 again. You need to drill at the exact correct position. it's the 3rd speaker hole from the left. also you need to use a 3.5mm drill head.""" ~ Marv3Lthe1

""" I've just done this but there is no sound coming from the headphones. I used an exact 3.5mm drill bit but the connector doesn't sit flush in the hole for some reason. The phone doesn't even detect the headphones are in. Are there any settings I need to change? """ ~ Ste Richards

"""I wasnt surprised that people actually tried this, i already knew they were dumb by buying the iphone 7 in the first place.""" ~ TheChosenOne

Lets end with a Quote by ― Albert Einstein “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”

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