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Concept Code - How to Create Meaningful Concepts


Written by Gaby Crucq-Toffolo and Sanne Knitel, 'Concept Code' introduces you to the world of concepts in an accessible, inspiring and activating manner, and with an international perspective. It challenges you to get started on developing concepts with the use of a method, developed by the authors. It guides you through every stage of bringing an idea to life and letting it grow into a fully matured concept. It also provides insight into the importance of the consumer’s mind and what role this plays in making a concept successful. In 7 chapters the book discusses how the stages of concept thinking are connected and how you can apply that connection in the concept development process.

In addition to the theme of their previous book 'Concept Thinking', this book mainly focuses on ‘concept action’: the execution of the concept. That makes 'Concept Code' interesting for anyone who wants to develop a concept that stands out and generates symbolic value for a brand or organisation from start to finish.

Conceptual thinking involves adding vision to a product, service, or organization. Content is key, as this determines the coherence of the concept. Consumers want to experience every aspect of the concept. In addition, the producer must meet the emotional and functional needs of the consumer. Therefore, while it is necessary to ‘think conceptually’, it is also important to ‘do conceptually’; a concept must be executable (doable).

About Author:
Gaby works as a Lecturer in Concept Development at the Fontys Academy for Creative Industries in Tilburg, the Netherlands. She is currently studying at the European Institute for Brand Management (EURIB). Sanne works as a lecturer in Imagineering, Concepting and Design at the Fontys Academy, the Netherlands.

Author: Gaby Crucq-Toffolo en Sanne Knitel
Format: Paperback with flaps
Dimensions: 25 x 20 cm
Pages: 192

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