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Top 15 Inventions Which Changed the World


Inventions Which Changed the World

There are a number of inventions that have been developed through time that allow us to lead the lifestyles that we live in current times. Many things that are commonplace now, are recent inventions that truly have made an impact on our life. Here are some of the Inventions that have truly changed the world.

15. Contraception

YES it's No.15 on List! Contraceptives such as condoms and hormonal birth control pills have changed the world by reducing its massive rate of growth and preventing unwanted and unplanned pregnancies.

14. Sanitation

Indoor plumbing and running water have been the saviors of the modern world. Since implementing indoor plumbing in the majority of the developed world diseases like cholera, diphtheria, typhoid and polio have decreased, as there have been fewer instances of intestinal worms and diarrhea.

13. The internet

Internet has allowed the real connectivity of the masses across the world. The changes driven by the Internet will have an enormous impact on the conduct of every aspect of our society business, government, education, and private life. It facilitates the immediate sharing of information across multiple platforms and countries.

12. Vaccination

Vaccination or inoculation has changed life as we know it by drastically lowering the death toll of people from diseases such as Smallpox, polio, tuberculosis and tetanus. Vaccination is usually attributed to the scientist Edward Jenner, as he came up with the smallpox vaccine in 1798 after noticing that milkmaids who had been infected with Cowpox did not get Smallpox. He realized if injected with small amounts of a virus your body would produce anti-bodies which would allow you to develop immunity against the disease.

11. Hydraulic Power Networks

Developed in 1812 by Joseph Bramah and improved upon later. The Hydraulic power network is a series of high pressure water mains that allow machinery to utilize hydraulic power to operate machinery with greater power and using less effort than man-operated machines. Hydraulic Power revolutionized industries like ship building and other forms of manufacture.

10. Light bulbs

Going hand in hand with the discovery of Electricity, light is an invention which has drastically affected the world. It has allowed for work to continue on in shifts and increase productivity and it has allowed for lower death tolls on roads due to increased visibility.

9. Airplanes

Airplanes have allowed for the widespread distribution of people, and have also simplified visiting other countries for work, pleasure or family business. expansion of world trade.

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8. Guns

A gun is a normally tubular weapon or other device designed to discharge projectiles or other material. Guns have revolutionized warfare and allowed it to become a major money-maker for gun companies. They are the most widely used weapon in the world due to their ease of use and wide availability.

Image Source: Tumblr

7. Telephones

Telephones have made communication much easier than it used to be. Now relatives are just a simple phone call away, whereas the only form of communication before the telephone was written (in the form of a letter or telegraph). This allowed businesses to flourish by simplifying and speeding up the communicative process. They were also the predecessors to cell phones which are so widely popular and technologically advanced now.

Image Source: Wiki

6. Refrigeration

Refrigeration has allowed the expansion of supermarkets where frozen and chilled food can be on display for longer and remain fresh. People no longer have to heavily salt or pickle their foods to stop it from growing mold. It allows for transportation of foods in refrigerated trucks which promotes trade and helps people eat a healthy diet where foods are not available naturally in their country. Also in the home it has allowed us to keep food which has been cooked for longer without it going off.

5. The Printing Press

Has paved the way for international literacy of people from all different classes. Before, books were extremely expensive to make and took a very long time. Only monks and the richer people in society could read. Printing presses increased the speed at which books could be printed and reduced the price of books allowing more individuals to read.
It helped with the distribution of religion (since bibles could be printed) and also allowed the masses to become educated enough to make well informed voting decisions; forming the basis for democracy.

Image Source: typoretum

4. Steam Engines

Utilized in both Trains and Ships steam engines allowed regions separated by long distances and large bodies of water to connect easily and more quickly. They facilitated world trade and tourism as a means of income for countries.

Image Source: giftrunk

3. Penicillin

Penicillin is an anti-biotic which helps humans to fight bacterial infections. It is a fungus which was discovered by Alexander Fleming, who noted that fungus secreted a particular enzyme which killed off the bacteria around it, and put it to good use. Many drugs are penicillin based and without this invention many more people would have died from infections.

2. Computers

Even this article was written on a computer. Computers are so commonplace in the modern world that many of the younger generation hardly know what to do without them. Computers have allowed for many advanced systems to be developed and most processes are in some way dependent on computers, such as advanced security systems and even most cashiers in stores nowadays. Computer programming led the way for gaming systems and robots to be created.

Image Source: Time

1. The Wheel

The Invention of Wheel is one of greatest milestone in history of mankind. The wheel is an ancient invention which revolutionized transport. Before the wheel everyone had to walk, or use boats to travel. The wheel allowed transportation to become much faster. Horses and carriages were used at first, and then this use of the wheel paved the way for automobiles to be developed.

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