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Top 10 Useless Inventions of All Time


They say Necessity is the mother of invention, but Unfortunately, there are many useless inventions you Probably never knew existed. Their inventors may not agree with us, but here is the list of Top 10 useless Inventions of all time.

#1 Revolver that takes a picture right before you shoot

image: iebooster

#2 Duster Slippers for Cats

image: guff

#3 Overhead toilet paper

#4 Useless Box

video: youtube

#5 Handerpants

image: youtube

#6 Beer Can Holder

image: viralnova

#7 Air Conditioned Shoes

image: zideo

#8 Some? Gadget Hat

image: raafatrola

#9 Fonhandle

image: huffingtonpost

#10 Monocycle

image: vice

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