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15 Amazing Places to Visit Before you Die

15 Most Amazing Places to Visit and Experience once in your lifetime. There is a Chinese proverb said, "Traveling thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books." It means you can learn more from traveling to places as opposed to reading about them from books. It is very true that you can learn more by actually experiencing things by yourself. So have a look at these photos of some of the awesome places on this planet, you might just pack your suitcase and ready to explore.

1) Skaftafeli - Iceland

2) Four Seasons Hotel - Bora Bora

Via: boraborahoteles

3) The Gardens at Marqueyssac - France

Via: ohbythewayblog

4) Riomaggiore - Italy

Via: trekearth

5) Hallstatt is one of the most beautiful places in Europe - Austria

Image: excellentworlds

6) Colorado Plateau - Arizona

Image: hellomagazine

7) Fishing village Fjallbacka - Sweden

Image: Anonymous

8) Venice - Italy

Image: desktopnexus

9) Phi Phi leh Island (The Beach, movie shooting location) - Thailand

Image: beauty-places

10) Ladakh - India

Via: wikipedia

11) Land of Beaches - MALDIVES

Via: weEarth

12) Lisbon Stretch along the banks of the Tagus River near the Atlantic Ocean - Portugal

Image: Flickr / F H Mira

13) Hitachi Seaside Park - Japan

Via: panoramio

14) Magnificent Leshan Giant Buddha - China


15) Natural swimming Pool in Yucatan Peninsula - Mexico

Via: lifeandsoulmagazine

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